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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I get an application form?

    Please carefully review the information under Admissions. You may also fill out our Online Enquiry Form or email for further assistance.

  • Does AIS accept students with special needs?

    AIS recognizes that some students require learning support to be successful in their academic studies. The Learning Support Team aims to provide the individual student with the support necessary for him/her to achieve success in regular classes. However, we do not yet have facilities to support students with: 1) Moderate to severe learning disabilities. 2) Moderate to severe visual, hearing, or motor disability. 3) Cognitive Impairments Serious emotional disturbance. Find out more here

  • What Clubs and Extra-curricular Activities are available?

    AIS students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of clubs and activities including Cookery, Environmental (Recycling) Club, Foreign Languages (French/Spanish), Chess, Beading, Spelling Bee, Ballet, Karate, Soccer, Basketball, Sign Language, Dance, Board Games, MUN, Speech & Debate, Math Olympiad, Gardening, etc.

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