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Dear Parents/Guardians

On behalf of our students, our faculty, our parents, and the thousands of alumni and the parents of alumni, we are proud to welcome you to Association International School, a global learning community, building the next generation of critical thinkers, ambassadors of Christ, and international peacemakers.

Thank you for your interest in our school. We encourage you to take the time to explore our website and discover why AIS is one of the top international schools in Ghana.

As an IB World School, we encourage our students to explore the academic landscape, venturing into unfamiliar grounds of knowledge and discovering new passions. We value intellectual curiosity and are committed to educating our students through the development of empathy, ethical behavior, integrity, discipline, and service based on a firm foundation of Christian values. We deliver a rigorous academic program enhanced by various strategies such as creative problem-solving, group interaction, the appreciation of diversity, culture, and beauty, and healthy emotional and physical growth. We prepare our students for success and the rigors at top-tier universities and beyond.

We offer a curriculum that incorporates some of the world’s best educational practices. These include but are not limited to the Singapore Math and Science program and aspects of the British and American curricula. We offer the IB Diploma program in grades 11 and 12 and the MYP in grades 6 to 10. 

Starting in the Early Years and continuing through the IBDP, we use an inquiry-based approach to learning that builds conceptual understanding, creativity, and communication skills. AIS students innovate and collaborate, helping them to become informed and engaged citizens of the world. By Kindergarten, our students have the literacy and numeracy competencies that enable them to meet their academic journey with success. We graduate students who are inquiring, open-minded, and resilient risk-takers.

Association International School is more than an institution of higher learning; it is a community where people of diverse cultures and nationalities live, work, and play- connected by their similarities and enriched by their differences.

I look forward to the prospect of your family joining the broader AIS Family.

 Kind regards,

Mrs. Audrey Doryumu

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